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Sunday, October 30, 2011

trunk and treat

I am admittedly a Halloween Scrooge. It's the one holiday Dan and I just aren't huge fans of- and quite honestly I'd be perfectly happy to skip right over it so we could get to Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations sooner. But, the one Halloween'y thing we did do was Trunk and Treat at church which JP loved. I'm hoping I can get a few more years in where he still believes candy is "acky" and is perfectly happy passing it out instead of eating it (the child has never had a piece in his short little life and I'm all about keeping that up as long as possible...). He also loved the hay ride, pumpkin-picking, stroller rides with Pop and Nanna and looking at the ponies and fire trucks... all enough to distract him from the fact that it was prime-nap-time. We had a great time while Dan continued to make progress on the addition (today was all about insulation...), but now lets get going on the REAL holiday season!

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