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Monday, January 23, 2012

{DIY} refinished dresser.

I have a list of about 3 million DIY projects I want to accomplish... things to build, things to refinish, things to make. And since this was the first weekend that our house hasn't been ridiculed with germs since before Christmas (ridiculous, I know), I actually was able to cross one project off! Dan and I had this old dresser in our bedroom that was so outdated and really quite ugly. So, along with my little helpers, I sanded the entire dresser and drawers, took off the old hardware, filled in old holes and then repainted the entire thing and it is now serving as an entry way table. Where, you ask, then am I keeping my clothes? Dan asked the same thing and I explained that I haven't yet figured that out. Maybe I'll build something. To which he laughed and said "oh, minor details...." Minor details indeed. 
Working on the drawers with my little helper. Ignore his wardrobe choice, we were iced in and so anything goes on PJ-like days.

My other helper. She purely serves as eye candy... no manual labor for this Peanut.

I didn't really take a true "before" shot, but you can sort of see here what the dresser used to look like. I.e. old and ugly.

 After! Jackson was pretty proud of all of his hard work. And clearly his choice of style dictates that he can only wear either a shirt or pants, but never at the same time. That would just be silly.

Each drawer is beautifully organized with winter gear, "outgoing" things such as library books, etc. Dan really loved it when I gave him the "tour of drawers" - I'm sure he'll remember where everything goes and use them accordingly. Right.

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  1. Maybe you could put labels on the inside of the drawers to help Dan out? It looks great!


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