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Monday, January 9, 2012

moon date.

There are some things in life that are so beautiful you find yourself dropping everything to appreciate it in complete fascination. Tonight, God showered us with some of his best work- an amazing sunset that made me drop everything and run out the back door and up the hill, leaving our little man completely confused, to watch the reds and purples flash across the sky because I knew the masterpiece would be gone in a matter of seconds. And then there was the moon. Oh my, the moon. Amazing. Jackson looks for the moon every night- hunting for it from inside. He goes from room to room in hopes of finding his loyal friend peeking from behind the clouds or from beneath tree branches. But tonight the moon put on a show that was worthy of stepping outside, worthy of chasing it down the driveway, worthy of throwing a little-moon-loving-man into the car for a moon date. A moon date with mama- driving through the valley and up the hill to see the moon clear of the trees that surround our house. He loved it. And so did I...

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