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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A few weeks ago I read Angela's idea... to share with her husband every day 5 things she is grateful for. I loved it. So i proposed to Dan that we do the same. So, I told him my 5 and he responded with his 3 (...he's such a rule-breaker): me, Jackson & Audrey and then proceeded to tell me that these would be his same 3 every day. Part of me thought that was sweet, but mostly I was just annoyed because he wasn't playing the game! So, the little game sort of ended before it began, but on the up side I've been trying to take the time, in the moment, to thank God for all of the things that I'm grateful for throughout the day. Here are 10 of the things I've been thanking Him for today...

1. That Jackson slept in. I actually had to wake him up because I was getting worried...
2. That Audrey has slept 7 straight hours for almost a week straight!
3. That Jackson was able to see both his nanna/pop and his mamaw/papaw today. Lucky boy.
4. That I have a mom and dad who get as excited as I do to do things for my children (they are building him quite the surprise for his birthday...)
5. For this view from our dinner table. (photo above)
6. For the endless inspiration I have inside of me right now.
7. For coffee.
8. For coffee. (no, not a type-o, I just think it deserves two 'thank yous')
9. That Dan cleaned out the bath tub tonight when Jackson had a little potty accident in there. Seriously gross.
10. For Audrey's smiles when she hears Jackson's voice. Seriously sweet.

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