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Friday, March 2, 2012

handsome butt's 2 year well check.

Last night Jackson had his two-year well-check and "passed" flawlessly. He weighed in at 30 pounds, 2 ounces (73%) with a height of 35 inches (67%). He is 100% healthy- as Dr. Scott put it, "with a chart this perfect for your two years of life there is absolutely nothing to worry about, just keep doing what you're doing." I'll take that prognosis any day, doc! 

We discussed some of my questions and concerns, mostly his picky eating habits. They are healthy, but so, so picky and he just doesn't get a lot of variety because he refuses to try new things. Dr. Scott told me this is totally normal for a lot of kids his age and to not stress about it. As long as he is getting the nutrients he needs then to not make a bit deal out of it, but when he turns 3 we will need to enforce trying new foods if he is still this picky. So, live it up, brotha, you have a little less than a year before mama is going to bring the broccoli and peas smack down on you (and on daddy too...).

He also said Jackson scored significantly above average for his "development scores" ...I'm not going to lie, that made me proud. He did warn, however, that along with being so advanced usually comes some discipline issues because these types of children simply get bored. I don't feel like we've had this yet- he definitely tries to test his boundaries, but he normally listens really well when we tell what is and is not okay- but I wouldn't be surprised if the bored thing comes into play in the future. 

I was also so proud of how brave Jackson was during his visit- at his 18 month well-check he was so scared of the DR's office. He cried through his entire appointment even though he wasn't even getting shots at that time, so really nothing to be afraid of. But, we had conversations throughout yesterday to prepare him and to explain to him everything they would be doing during the visit- including the one shot we would be giving him- and I think that he does better in situations when he understands what is going to be done and why it is being done. So, he was rewarded with a treat post check-up. 

I was so happy with the absence of crying that I didn't even mind when he karate-chopped the examination table paper cover to shreds while we were waiting. Dr. Scott said he could hear a lot of "high-yas" coming from inside and thought Jackson's karate skills were pretty hilarious too. We are so, so thankful for this little man and even more so that he is happy and healthy. 

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  1. For what's it's worth... my little brother ate cheerios every meal for a year. Every. Single. Meal. Grandma asked him what he wanted on Thanksgiving, offering him anything on the table, and the kid asked her if she had Cheerios. He turned out taller than me!


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