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Monday, March 19, 2012

Last night we were all on the floor coaxing Audrey to roll over- like we do every night, but the peanut is too laid back to care too much- but then she did it! She rolled over, but I was the only one who saw her so I announced that our little peanut rolled over and Jackson sprinted back over to her and had the biggest, most proud smile on and we applauded... a lot. He so badly wanted her to "do it again" but the peanut refused an encore. She did, however, love playing with Jackson. And by "playing" I mean pulling his hair and slobbering all over him, but he loved every second.
Don't mind the naked peanut. She does her best work apparently when she's freed from the constraints of clothing We're hoping this is not a trend that continues into adulthood.

Jackson actually laid his head down first and she so sweetly immediately laid her head down so she could look him right in the face. Adorable.

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