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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

life lately.

We are so thankful that we are all on the road to recovery. After a little more than a month of a lot of sickness, I can't tell you how happy (and energized!) it makes me to have two healthy babies. 
The peanut LOVES to hold hands. When they ride in Dan's truck together they are close enough to touch... the other day Dan and I found Jackson holding Audrey's hand. He does it for the entire ride every time. 

This amazing weather has resulted in a lot of time outside both at home and at various parks. We can't get enough of spring!

Last week we had a large tree cut down because it was too close for comfort to the house now that we added on. This weekend "Uncle Pooch" and his buddies came over to cut up the tree to sell as firewood. Jackson watched them intently through the windows, totally jealous that he didn't get to help.

We honored the first day of spring with a trip to the zoo with friends. The babies both had a blast soaking up the sun and playing with their buddies. The highlights according to Jackson: throwing mulch on the playground with the other naughty boys and riding the choo-choo train, of course.

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