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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

learning as we go.

5 things I've learned lately:

1. Homemade, lavish weeknight meals (or weekend for that matter) are not necessary. The idea of cooking a full-on dinner every night was invented back when women we're necessarily welcomed with open arms into the work world and somehow those expectations of "dinner on the table by 6" have never gone away. Well, we've been living off of quick, easy, but healthy stuff for a few weeks straight now with very few complaints. I've learned that we can either make a more substantial dinner, eat it, clean it up OR we can actually spend quality time with Jackson and Audrey who we so miss while away working all day. But we literally cannot fit both in on most nights because of our schedules. I choose the latter any day. Their faces are much more welcoming than a hot stove anyway. 

2. I am also learning a lot about what I need to be happy. It sounds so simple and silly and like I should have known this by now, but I think it changes with each life stage and for me right now I am realizing what must be true for me to feel fulfilled and right now I have it all. What a blessing! (For the record, I certainly wouldn't turn away more sleep right now, but thankfully caffeine seems to be readily available wherever I am throughout the day. I have no idea what I would do without you, coffee)

3. That I have the most adorable children ever. Okay, so I already knew this, but how is it possible that they get cuter every day? I mean, honestly, they are the best. They are all that is right with this world... and that is so, so much. 

4. That the endless opportunities are incredibly exiting but can also be somewhat overwhelming. I'm realizing again and again that I have this one life to live and I have a more opportunities to seize than time to do it. I am learning that in those times when the choices overwhelm me because I want to choose them ALL that I need to give it up to The Lord to guide me. That is so hard to do, but it is the only way. 

5. That I am capable of so much more than I can even imagine. It's true. There's something to be said for taking it easy sometimes and not over-doing it, but there's also something (a lot) to be said for superior work ethic, intense focus and self-drive that will inevitably take you places. The key is balance. And for me that line of balance is drawn between when I'm at home with my kids (sit back, relax, live in the moment with them) and when I'm at work (drive hard, full force ahead). So far, it's working, although not without the occasional burn out sessions when I crave time to recharge. 

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