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Saturday, January 19, 2013

saturday adventures...

While I have been gifted a THREE day weekend (thank you, MLK!), Dan unfortunately had to work all day, so the monsters and I were on our own. Admittedley a little paranoid with all of the flu germs, we stayed home most of the day making Valentines, building with Legos, getting chores done and having more than our fair share of dance parties (the peanut has a new favorite song and demands that we play it often). But, we also made an escape for a trip to the library. We're very lucky to have one of the most beautiful public libraries with a children's section that is enormous, fun and for some reason almost always empty except for us. Why people never take advantage of their local libraries I'll never understand, but JP and the peanut LOVE going. PS: What is cuter than a peanut? A peanut with a pig-tail of course!

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