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Monday, December 27, 2010

We have been so blessed this Christmas in so many ways, my favorite being watching Jackson experience his first holiday season... and believe it or not we only half-way through our celebrations with family and friends. 

Mason giving Jackson hugs
JP decked out in his holiday gear
Grace and Papaw
Mason playing keep-away from Grace
My favorite little chubby feet...
Dennis & Mason playing

Daddy and JP before church on Christmas Eve

JP loves his new toy from Great Aunt Mary & Great Uncle Jerry!

Heading into Church...

Uncle Justin & JP playing

My handsome baby

Mary, Lex & Nanna hanging out on Christmas Eve

Jesus' birthday cake

Dan and I were craving cake late Christmas Eve night. JP was already asleep. So, we videotaped ourselves singing happy birthday for his "memories" and then ate cake without him.

But, we did give him a taste the next morning. His first cake experience!

Not sure what to think...

Making breakfast with Daddy on Christmas morning

They took a little break to dance

Chatting with Poppy

Christmas afternoon... starting to look a little Christmas'ed out.

Uncle Justin

Uncle Jordan

JP looking up to Uncle Juey. Now that's a scary thought... 

Playing with his new puzzle from Nanna! 

Dan and I in our new matching aprons. My mom gave us the BEST gift- these aprons along with a date night for a cooking class and a cookbook!

JP trying to feed himself

A little wagon ride on Christmas morning

Dan's genius idea on how to cool off a bottle of wine quickly

Bury it in the snow 

He also insisted that the process would be even quicker if someone were to spin the bottle for a few minutes around in the snow, but nobody volunteered. 

Grace ... dancing?

The annual Christmas basketball game. 

A little help from Dennis

Big boys, little boys... they all play. No mercy.

Slam dunk!

Hey Dennis, pick on someone your own size...

Mya & Grace hula-hooping... 

Mya- 3 years 

Papaw, Grace & Mya playing

Sarah taking a break from the basketball game 

Who's the boss in this photo? Definitely not Papaw...

JP walking with a little help from Uncle Dennis

Grandpa Charlie with all but one of his children

Miss Mya

Kaylee holding Josie.. passed out from the fun. 

JP and Grace playing

Do NOT touch my toys, Jackson... 

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  1. Love the aprons - those are too cute! Looks like you are having a fantastic Christmas season!


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