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Sunday, March 9, 2014

jonah daniel: ONE month

Jonah turned one month on Friday- a MONTH! This past month has honestly been somewhat of a blur and I'm ready to start his second month off on a better foot. He is the sweetest and most cuddly baby, but I've unfortunately been sick almost this entire time with what we thought was a severe sinus infection, but actually turned out to be an abscessed tooth which ended in an emergency root canal on Friday. Fun! But I'm so thankful to be out of pain for the most part now and am more than ready to move forward and able to actually enjoy this little guy. So far Jonah looks a lot like Jackson's baby photos, but I think with some different features that remind me a lot of Dan. His laid back, easy-going nature is a lot like Audrey was at this age with pockets of Jackson in there too when he insists on being held during parts of his naps or at nighttime. Overall, this little guy has completely stolen my heart. We love you, Jonah bug! 

Jackson at one month HERE.
Audrey at one month HERE.

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