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Sunday, March 2, 2014

{life lately}

Lots of baby snuggle time... at all hours of the day and night. 

Nothing makes me happier than organization and order. Dan finished designing and building the shelves for the new bathroom this week and we implemented a new rules/reward system for Jackson and Audrey.  

Sleepy boy. Here's to hoping this week his sleepy time happens more during the night. 

Messy little monsters during art time.  

While the night time duties are exhausting, they are so worth it for the Jonah snuggles. There is nothing better than having a baby sleeping peacefully on your chest.  

Daddy's helpers in the kitchen. They took advantage of a cold and snowy Sunday by baking. The peanut only bakes in her panties.  

This was also our first week on our own as Dan went back to work after his 2 weeks off for Jonah. Overall it went really well although by the end of the week my lack of sleep was starting to get to me. Jackson and Audrey have done a good job of playing together during the times I need to tend to Jonah- here was one time I overheard them upstairs reading books together. Jackson loves to teach Audrey and every once in awhile she actually listens and lets him. 

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