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Monday, March 31, 2014

{Life Lately}

Last week was the first week since Jonah was born that I actually felt well. Between recovering from labor, sinus infections and then an abscessed tooth and the soreness from the root canal I have been miserable in all honesty, but finally, FINALLY I feel so great and I can now appreciate even more my time off with my babies. 

We are now about three and a half weeks into Dan's crazy work schedule. Most days we see him for maybe an hour, sometimes less and sometimes not at all. He has had a couple of Sundays off which sounds really great- and we are thankful- but since he has to maintain his sleep/awake schedule it means that he still has to sleep all day and then we do get a few hours with him in the evening- better than nothing! The babies and I do our best to still have fun with him gone- some days are easier than others, but now that I'm healthy it's not so bad.

One day last week Nanna wanted some snuggle time with Jonah so Jackson, Audrey and I went to the park for one of the first warm and sunny days of the spring. I think we made up for lost time after a long winter- we played on the playground, took a walk to see the ducks, went on a bike/stroller ride and found a new trail to take a hike on. The peanut's legs were pretty tired by the end of our hike so she ended up on my shoulders and immediately passed out when we got in the car. These two- they are still the best of buddies. 

Last week I was updating our budget and was skimming over our bank statement and noticed a charge that showed up quite a few times under a suspicious name, "OLFY." At first I thought our account had been hacked again but then realized it stood for "Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt." Yep, we go there. A lot. I think Jonah has been to Orange Leaf more than almost any other place. 

Speaking of Jonah bug... he's pretty cute, even with his grumpy face on.

This past week was also Nanna's birthday. It was on Thursday. Jackson began planning the "biggest surprise party ever" on Monday. He made special signs- lots of them. He made a giant banner. He made her a gift from play-doh and he planned out what else we would need- flowers, another present and cupcakes. So, on Thursday morning we ran all the errands needed to complete her "surprise party" and then Thursday evening we went to Nanna's house. Jackson went inside and ordered Nanna to her bedroom so he could set up the party and he immediately began instructing Pop on how to help him hang the signs and set up the party. The boy loves parties and he loves Nanna- oh, and he loves cupcakes too. I'm not sure in which order those come.

On Saturday Mamaw offered to take the babies for awhile so I could have a break. I asked if she would like to just spend time with Jonah so I could take Jackson and Audrey to Entertrainment Junction. They loved it and Jonah loved the quiet, cuddle time with Mamaw. He definitely prefers it to be quiet when he's sleepy and that rarely happens when his big brother and sister are around. 

And finally, Jonah's first time at church. It took me awhile to get him there because I wanted to stay away for his first month because of flue season and then since I wasn't feeling well and I don't have Dan around it just didn't happen until this week. I'm so thankful to be feeling well again because our church isn't just a place I should be going or want to be going... it's a place I need to be going. It is so good for my soul and brings me so much peace and happiness. I took a very sneaky photo during service because Jonah, of course, couldn't stop looking all over at all the new sights and sounds. He is the most curious baby- if he sees or hears anything he will almost break his neck looking for it. His inability to sit still reminds me of his daddy. 

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