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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life Lately...

This week Spring finally- FINALLY- made an appearance with a few warm and sunny days. Of course, we also had a few stormy days, but we spent as much time outside as possible. We started out the week with a playdate at the park with Canaan and Ezra after preschool and then went grocery shopping. I have tried a few different ways of getting groceries with all three babies and this one seems to work best- Jonah in the baby carrier and Jackson and Audrey in the car. The little guy has been spending quite a bit of time in this position- all cuddled up to his mama, leaving me with two free hands for the other two monsters.

Jonah bug loves being outside. Walking around with him in the fresh air is like an automatic "off" button to his crying when he's having a grumpy day. 

I have been working hard the past couple of weeks to get back into my running routine. It is HARD starting all over with my endurance, pace and distance, but I'm trying to be patient with it. It's also been challenging to find time to run with Dan's work schedule since my treadmill is in the basement and too far away to go to when I'm home alone with the babies so many nights when we have maybe an hour with Dan I spent half of that time working out. Yet another reason I'll be happy to have him back to his normal schedule...

The work-outs also are a great stress relief on days when we can't get outside and everyone has too much energy or when someone (Audrey) refuses to nap or go to bed earlier than midnight or when someone (Jonah) decides it would be a good time to scream all evening. And this week one evening when the running just wasn't enough, I had my first glass of wine since last spring before I knew I was pregnant. That last glass of wine happened to be when I was in Rome... oh, to be back in Rome. 

And since there will be many more photos of it this week, I'll just mention that Dan bought the babies a gift... one that is sure to be their favorite for a long time- a trampoline. The biggest trampoline we could find actually and it's awesome. I'm not sure who loves it more- me or them. 

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