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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

proud mama.

Earlier today I had a very real "mom" moment: my first parent/teacher conference. Jackson only has a couple more weeks before his first year of preschool is over so I spent some time with Mrs. Stone to talk about our little man and her take on his performance. 

Warning: If you don't want to listen to the rant of a proud mom then don't read the rest... :)!

The first thing she said was that Jackson is always going to have an easy time in school- the kid loves to learn. We've always known that but it was nice to have it confirmed unprompted from someone else. She said he soaks up every thing she says and always has such interesting perspective to add to their conversations. He is a natural problem-solver, deduces things from lessons that other kids often overlook and said he is one of the few kids in class who has all the material mastered. 

I told her that coming into this school year I had no concerns about Jackson's ability to excel at the academics, but knew the social challenges that came along with being in such a new environment could be a hurdle. Before preschool, he had only been cared for either in our home with Amy or with Nanna, but she assured me that he has done well with no real issues at all. At the beginning of the year she had to remind him at times to ask before taking a toy from someone, but she said he very quickly learned and hasn't had any problems since.  

She said he is perfect. Only kidding! I know he isn't perfect- he's not meant to be, but it felt good to know that the lessons we have been doing our best to teach him and to model for him are working for the most part. There are certainly days that make me question that!

I was a little nervous to answer when she asked me which class Jackson would be in next year since we have decided to switch schools, but when I told her that Jackson will be going to Mrs. Mansfield's (a private Christian preschool and kindergarten), she was actually really excited and said that Jackson was going to flourish in that environment. Thankfully our relationship with Mrs. Stone isn't going anywhere since we see her every week at church- when I visualize a "preschool teacher" she is certainly the face that comes to mind and I'm thankful Jackson had her as his first teacher.

After school I let Jackson visit Mamaw and pick out a treat as a reward for such great feedback. He picked out a snack cake. That snack cake may just have been enough motivation for another successful year in school! The boy loves treats. A lot.

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