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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

surprise adventure.

This morning I told Jackson and Audrey that we were going on a "surprise adventure"... which translates to "we're going to go do something fun but I haven't decided what yet." There is nothing that excites Jackson more than a good surprise- except for maybe a good treat- or better yet, a surprise that includes a treat. Anyway... off we went. 

We ended up at a place I have been wanting to take them for awhile- The Lunken Airport. Lunken is a small airport east of downtown Cincinnati where a lot of private and charter jets fly out of. The airport itself holds a lot of great history and I loved the look of the original terminal. When we arrived we walked up to the fence to look in at all the planes that were parked on the runway and were so excited to see that 6 Apache helicopters were also there. And even better yet- one started its engines and was preparing to take off, so we were able to watch it from up close.  

We then went inside the terminal to the Sky Galley Restaurant and asked to be seated out on the patio- the patio itself is basically in the middle of the runway so while you eat you can also enjoy watching all the planes. The kids were in heaven. 

The other great thing about this airport is that it's surrounded by a biking/running trail and has a few playgrounds, so we spent time on those too before heading downtown for frozen yogurt. I mean, honestly, did you really think Jackson would let us finish an adventure day without a treat? 

And everyone knows that after you give little people treats you must once again let them run off their energy, so we took a walk to the pro shop at the Reds stadium to pick up some new Reds gear and then walked down to the river to run around before heading back home. 

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