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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

dear, jonah- 8 things I LOVE about you, at 8 months old.

1. Your easy smile. You smile at anything and everything- it comes so easily to your face and I hope it always does. Your smile is enough to make me smile- you are contagious. 

2. Your love for exploring and pushing the limits. Your brother and sister were early  walkers and I'm guessing you will be too... but I don't remember them climbing and exploring with such focus. Daddy says you're an animal. 

3. All of that crawling and climbing must make you hungry because, Jonah, you LOVE to eat.... and eat some more. Baby food is your favorite which gives mommy extra joy in making it for you. 

4. Your cuddles. Oh, your cuddles. Last night I sat in the dark with you and rocked you for a full 30 minutes before bed time. You were laying your head so sweetly on me with your little arms wrapped around my neck and every few minutes you would pull away and smile at me in the sweetest way. It was heaven- absolute heaven. Those moments are my favorite- my all time favorite- of being your mommy. 

5. You growl- like a bear in fact. It continues to make us laugh all the time. If I try to change your diaper? You growl. If I take too long to feed you? More growls. If it's taking you too long to pull yourself up on something? Lots of growls still. 

6. If you could talk I just know you would tell me how much you want to be able to join in on all the fun Jackson and Audrey have. You are always following them around the house, loving on them (at least I think pulling Audrey's hair constantly is a form of affection) and just hoping they'll include you. And they do, they always stop to acknowledge their sweet baby Jonah. You're all going to be the best of friends. 

7. Your cheeks! You have the BEST chubby baby cheeks and I just don't want them to ever go away. Ever. So, hopefully you're cool with going through life with baby cheeks because mommy insists, I do :) 

8. Oh, Jonah, you're my last one to actually be a baby. I am holding tight to these last official 4 months of babyhood because mommy's just not ready to be through this yet, not ready at all. 

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