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Monday, February 21, 2011

juice nazi

Allow me to introduce you to my husband, the juice nazi. 

He's just like the soup nazi, but we're talking juice here. And juice is serious business. Every thing from the selection process of the produce to the drinking of the freshly-squeezed juice is a big deal to him. Last night he and JP made an orange and grapefruit concoction for us to enjoy. 

After it was finished the evening went a little something like this:

Dan: Are you going to drink that juice?
Me: Yep, in a little bit.
(10 minutes later)
Dan: Are you going to drink that juice?
Me: Yep, in just a little bit
(10 minutes later)
{REPEAT THE ABOVE several times}
Me: (going in to tell him good night) Good night, I'll come to bed in a little bit
Dan: So, you're going to drink that juice first, right?

I finally drank the juice around 11:30pm. Not because I wanted the juice, not because I needed the juice, but for the sake of our marriage. To make my husband, the juice nazi, happy. Lets all say a little prayer that poor JP didn't inherit all of both mine and Dan's quirks... because if he did, the kids got no chance.


  1. How sweet that Dan made juice.... even if he did force you to drink it!

  2. Thank you...stay tuned for more!
    I love it....great job...


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