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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

president's day

We are having a week (that is sure to turn in to a few months- more to come on that later) where we are fighting to keep our heads above water with juggling all that needs to be juggled which is my way of explaining my semi-absence from writing on here. But, I did want to quickly share Jackson's first museum trip. Much like his first trip to the book store, I had been dreaming since before he was born about his first trip to the museum. 

So, on Monday we decided we would go to the children's museum at the museum center in honor of President's Day because I feel like "learning something" would have been approving in their eyes. I was so happy to have the entire day for just Jackson and I and we took full advantage. He LOVED the museum, he ran and played and "talked" with the other kids there and was actually annoyed with me when I tried to get too close. He proved once again how fearless he is and seems to have misplaced the memo that states that he is only 1... not 5, not 13, not 21... he is one, but that does not and will not stop my little man, for better or for worse. 

I'll leave the rest of the story to the photos because I am exhausted and I am guessing my rambling isn't making much sense anyway! But, there are sure to be many more museum stories since we decided to buy a family pass. 

Museum family pass = endless fun and learning! No, seriously, I am being serious.
Rainy, rainy day... note to self: rainy day + holiday + new exhibit opening = mass chaos at the museum! Luckily for us, the more chaos the better in JP's opinion.

Giving himself kisses in the mirror. Self-esteem is not an issue here.

Playing fireman and other boy-type stuff

Puzzles! One of his favorite toys to play with.

I guess this is how boys play with baby dolls... they push them around in wheel barrows? 

Lets just say this little man was not too pleased when he realized that yes, he is in fact too small to climb this wall. 

Always a sign of a day well spent! 


  1. Oh my goodness, that's adorable! I've only been to the museum once - and I've never seen the Children's area - now I'm so excited to take Canaan! :D

  2. Reminds me of Charlie's first visit to the Museum last year! He was only 9 months old! :( They grow too fast for Mommies! :):):)

  3. Were you able to see Hubble while you were there? If not, you should try. Watching it was one of the most amazing, inspiring, but at the same time humbling experiences of my life.

  4. Katie: No! We missed it, but now I am regretting that big time since it clearly was so powerful for you.


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