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Friday, February 4, 2011

talented tantrum-thrower

I (in my most objective opinion, of course) think Jackson is pretty advanced. An early talker, walker, baby genius... this, I am finding, may be a double-edged sword. You see, my man who is about to turn one has officially mastered the art of temper tantrums. We have only had one so far, but something inside me tells me it will not be the last. In hindsight, I am thinking there is a possibility that me taking photos of his 'first tantrum' may have infuriated him even more... 

       Ifeel for you, Jackson, I really do. I have had a few "moments" myself this week where I have wanted to do the same thing... but for some reason nobody would find it nearly as adorable. Enjoy it while you can, my love!


  1. I was drawn to your blog because you share the name of someone I know who is a remarkable person. I then discover that our sons share the same name! Beautiful photographs.
    Gems xxx

  2. Gems: Thank you so much! Aren't "Jacksons" just the BEST? Happy Friday!!

  3. He is sooo adorable having his tantrum! Guess that's not a good thing, but at least you can see the cute while he's being mad.


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