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Monday, April 23, 2012

style watch: jackson & audrey

One of the many, many simple pleasures that, for me, comes along with having babies is getting to DRESS them! I like to think of Jackson and Audrey as my own little chubby, adorable mannequins. Dan knows to just step back and let me pick out their clothes, otherwise, most likely I'll be peeling off whatever he has chosen and re-dressing them anyway... 

So, here is "what they wore" today. And, for my own personal amusement and to gush over for years to come when they are older and refuse to let me dictate their fashion choices, I'll be adding a page at the top of the blog to post "what they wore" whenever the mood strikes me. Enjoy!
Headband & socks: Target, Sweater: Gap, Jeans, Shoes & Tank: Old Navy
Shoes: Nike, Jeans: H&M, Long-sleeved shirt: Target, Button-down shirt: Oshkosh

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