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Monday, April 2, 2012

baby love.

i have been thinking lately a lot about how i simply cannot imagine life without babies. these just feel like the best years. when we have tiny, chubby little feet running through the house. when there are things being seen, heard, tasted for the first time ever on a daily basis. when cuddling and soothing and protecting are in constant rhythm. 
i know that every stage will come with its own set of perks and i'll love them all just as much as i love today, but there's just something about babies. something that i'll never get enough of. and so dan may be in a lot of trouble because i would gladly fill this house to the brim with these chubby little munchkins if i could. 
i know they are hard work. believe me, i know that. but, what in life that is really, really great is easy? nothing. nothing at all. i'll take the hard that comes along with these faces any day. 
i hope that someday when jackson and audrey are remembering their childhoods they'll realize that as much fun and love as they are remembering... i was feeling it a million times more in the moment.

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