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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

checking in from frankfurt

Yesterday was busy in Frankfurt- we spent the morning and afternoon driving both inside and outside the city, going into a variety of consumers' homes to learn about how families live in Germany in order to help us gain insights to market the new product we are working on. We toured their homes, talked about their lives and met their families. As always when we do this type of work we met some very interesting characters and also some very traditional families who always make me realize how very similar people are no matter where they live when you are able to look past the language and cultural differences. 

We had a lengthy break for lunch and so our driver took us to a beautiful village in the country which is supposed to be one of the oldest in the country. I took -of course- many photos which I will post a little later when I have time. When we were walking down one of the streets we passed an "Engel Apotheke" which means "Engel Pharmacy." And when I said "Engel" they laughed at me and scolded me for "American'izing" the pronunciation.

We are in meetings all morning and then catching a flight to Rome this afternoon.... 

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