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Friday, May 17, 2013

mental health day.

I think I'm going to stop even thinking about how "busy we've been" because each time I think or say it I set expectations with myself that life might actually slow down when in reality I don't think that is ever going to be the case. And if I'm honest with myself i'm not sure if I even want it to- I seem to thrive off the chaos for the most part and realize that its in these times that I'm really living, not just going through life. With chaos comes adventure. 

But, I get to points when I've just had enough, when the lack of sleep becomes too much and the stress of my job is unbearable. Sometimes I can go weeks without this happening and then other times it seems to hit me hard multiple times throughout the week (or even day).

Last week was especially hard and so I decided to take Friday afternoon off. I picked up the babies and we spent hours at the museum which they LOVED. It was a much-needed mental health day, for sure. 

I continue to learn and practice daily how to balance it all. And lately the "balance" has been found in extra trips for frozen yogurt and the park and extra cuddle time with the babies. 

This next month will be an especially big lesson on how to remain sane and to enjoy the adventures along the way: I leave next Saturday for a week-long business trip to Europe. I'll travel to Germany, Rome and London, literally jet-hopping throughout the week. Once back we'll have a few days to somewhat breathe before Dan takes off for a week of work in Boston. He returns home and then a week later I leave for a mission trip in Ecuador. There's yet another trip that I'm supposed to squeeze in there somewhere but I'm actively trying to get out of it at the moment or at least push it off until July, because I'm sure we'll just have tons of free time then- right!

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