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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

life lately.

Life lately has included...

A lot of time on my back with ice then heat then heat then ice and just praying it will heal fully soon.

Getting outside in the spring weather.
Working hard with the peanut on doing better at bedtime (see upper right, this is one of her many trips out to the great room fully accessorized and lord only knows what hour).
Beginning to pack for vacation. Audrey gathered all of the essentials: bathing suits, sun hat, sunglasses and her Elsa doll. What more does a girl need?

Laughing at Daddy's attempt to dress Jackson for school. We will blame the suit jacket/Nike pants combo on Dan's sleep deprivation. 
Picking flowers, lots of flowers... even when maybe they're not actually flowers?

Ice cream dates... tis' the season.

Watching this handsome little guy grow way too quickly before my eyes. 

Sunshine. Lots of glorious sunshine!

Treats after getting shots. I am not above such bribes :)

And overall, just counting down the days when Dan will finally be back with us. His work schedule was supposed to be back to normal a few days ago, but they are behind schedule. I'm a little bit bitter about that, not going to lie, but thankfully no matter what he is leaving with us for vacation in 10 more days so we will have our daddy back, thank God!

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