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Sunday, August 24, 2014

life lately.

life lately has included...

A successful first day for Jackson at his new preschool. I worked off-site so that I could take my buddy and pick him up on his first day. We even squeezed in a back-to-(pre)school breakfast- so fun. He was nervous at drop-off but all smiles when I picked him up and his teacher said he did amazing. 

A little late- but last Sunday we celebrated Grace's 6th birthday. Jackson LOVES his Grace (almost as much as her birthday cupcakes?). 

One evening this week some girlfriends and I went to a "do it herself" workshop at the Home Depot. It was hilarious and we even picked up a few new skills. What is TPI you may ask? Well, that's just some new power tool lingo I'll break out at some point with Dan- I'm sure he'll be impressed ;). 

Soccer Saturday returned after a bye-week. Jackson blew us away  with how much he continues to come out of his shell and was aggressive and scored his first goal! So proud of my little man. And some of his favorite fans came to watch too which was a big bonus. 

I am continuing to figure out the balance between work and home. We're getting there. Each week it somehow gets a little easier and a little harder at the same time. I know that makes no sense- it's just that with each week I seem to figure some things out while other parts get more challenging. Thankfully, the good still far outweighs the hard. Friday night we went to a dinner party with my work team- I loved meeting their families and loved that they met mine. I want them to know my babies, I want them to know Dan because those people that I work with are so much more than that and I need them to know the most important parts of my life, my family. 

And all of that work-week struggle makes the weekends so, so much sweeter. It makes us that much more intentional with how we spend our time. 

We really are so, so blessed. 

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