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Friday, August 1, 2014

at the end of the day...

Today I'm wrapping up my first week back to work, my first week on my new assignment, my first week leaving my THREE(!) babies. Leaving them to head to the office will never be an easy thing to do- but as I've said before, very rarely is the easy thing the right thing. And right now, this is the right thing for our family. 

These past few days couldn't have gone better. I am tired- TIRED, I tell you, but everyone is happy, everyone is taken care of. Jackson- notorious for sleeping in- was up  early Monday morning, reporting to Nanna that he just couldn't sleep because he was too excited to spend the day with her. My babies are excited for the adventures they are having while I am off having some of my own- how lucky are we? 

So lucky. And I'm so blessed- I get to play so many roles in this life of mine- some more important than others, of course, but as I've been talking with my team this week, I firmly believe that I will excel at all of them and that each of the roles I play enables me to excel at all the others. They are interconnected. It's something that I think of as exponential success- success in one area can enable and multiply ones success in another area.

And with all of that said- I love, LOVE, that at the end of the day we are just a family full of love, blessings, challenges and hopefully a whole lot of adventure who is just trying to make the most of each day, wherever that day may take us. 

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