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Monday, February 2, 2015

from gluten-free to gluttony.

Remember that one time when I ate 4 chocolate croissants before 6:00 in the morning? Yep, must be in France. 

This morning I woke up at the beautiful hour of 4am to get to the airport for my flight from Paris to Geneva. This was a flight I most definitely could not miss since I'm landing and then going straight to the office to lead an afternoon-long training so I arrived extra early just to be safe. It was all worth it when I was greeted with an Air France lounge full of endless cappuccinos and chocolate croissants. I've already had 4. Of each. 

I unfortunately forgot my camera chord so have few pictures I can upload until I arrive home, but it's safe to assume my memory card is practically full of every possible angle of the Eiffel Tower. *Amazing*

More to come from Switzerland where I'm hoping a smooth and successful meeting and early bedtime await me. 

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