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Monday, February 9, 2015

the blur of life lately.

Friday- I arrived home late afternoon from Europe.
Saturday- Jonah turned ONE!! We toured the home we want to buy and we threw a birthday party for the boys.
Sunday- Jackson turned FIVE!! We went to church and then took care of more house stuff.
Monday- Jackson & I had date day for his birthday and we met with our realtor to go over contracts and such. 

There has been so much good woven throughout these days but also a lot of stress and anxiety. My time with Jackson today was the perfect antidote to all that is swimming in my mind, but it ended all too shortly and I feel the pressures of this week creeping up. 

Thankfully I know it will all be as it should be. We just need to get through this little bit. 

I have LOTS of catching up to do, but for now here is a snapshot into the joy that was today with my best little buddy. 

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