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Saturday, February 21, 2015

jonah at ONE year!

I'm sure someday the bear will forgive me for taking so long to give his one year update. But, the thing is, Jonah, that you NEVER stop moving, getting into things, climbing, trying to give me a heart attack... so, you know, it's kind of your fault, little man! But, my goodness, how we love you. Maybe it's because you're my last "baby," maybe it's a 3rd child thing or maybe it's just those cheeks... but you melt my heart constantly (and I think you know it, you little stinker). 

A few things about Jonah at ONE year:

-You are not only walking, but running. Everywhere. Oh, and dancing... if ever in a bad mood or throwing a fit we simply turn on your favorite song (Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off") and you instantly get up, run across the room to the music and dance, dance, dance. 

-Speaking of throwing fits, you do this now and it's adorable. Jackson used to do the same full body spread on the floor when he was your age. Thankfully you typically forget that you're mad in less than a minute and then are back to being on the go. 

-You're saying a few "words" including mama, dada, baba (bottle) and ga (dog). I can tell you're really beginning to study me when I practice words with you, soaking it all and now when I begin to sing the ABCs you immediate start to mimic how I always "sign" the letters. Smarty pants. 

-You leave no questioning that you're going to be a trouble maker. A cute trouble maker, but a trouble maker nonetheless. You know the hot buttons for each of us (getting into the garbage for Daddy and trying to turn on/off the TV for mommy) and so you push those buttons with an ornery look on your face as often as possible. I especially like it when you walk towards the TV and automatically start shaking your head and sometimes even pointing to me... oh, Jonah. 

-You continue to adore Jackson and Audrey and the feelings are mutual all the way around. Audrey loves on you all day talking to you in the sweetest baby talk and Jackson is your most over protective brother. I hope that never changes. 

-Your night sleeping isn't always consistent- you still crave an extra bottle or cuddle time in the middle of the night sometimes, but I don't mind that at all, especially since you're so easy to put to sleep. All you need is your paci and your doggie in your arms and you're a happy boy. (fun story on doggie- when Jackson was around a year old we bought him a stuffed dog at Ikea... this became his comfort item and he has slept with it every single night since. A month or so ago your daddy and I were in Ikea and saw the same stuffed dogs! So, we bought one for you and it automatically became your favorite comfort item too. So sweet). 

-I say this a lot and that's just because it's true... you are crazy. See that picture of you up there that I took today? See that bruise on your cheek? Yep, it's just one of many you've had lately. Thankfully that one is fading because it was pretty nasty looking and honestly, who can bruise a cheek that chunky? You. That is who. Because you are crazy.

-You love to eat... pretty much every thing. And all the time. Your absolute favorite are berries, specifically blueberries. But you pretty much love all fruit and all vegetables. You also really like Daddy's soup, any meat, yogurt, etc. You're not a huge fan of carbs like bread and granola bars but I'm totally fine with that.

I can't tell you how much we love you, Jonah, because words would never measure up to that, but I do hope that one day you will read this and realize how much joy you bring us. How much we love you. How hard we will try to do what is right for you. You are our bear, our crazy, sweet, lovable Jonah bear. 

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Stats: 30" tall (54%) & 22 lbs, 12 oz (71%)

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