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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

hello from geneva.

It's Wednesday morning in Geneva.
Otherwise known as T minus 2 days until I come HOME.
I've reached my wall. This always happens on business trips. 
I'm tired and I miss my babies. 
But, on the plus side this city? It's gorgeous. 
I mean, look at the view when I walk out my hotel. 

I also find it incredible how at home I feel when I'm so far from home.
Over the years I have made so many friends from around the world who I work with and in times like these I'm thankful that I can tell stories about Jackson, Audrey or Jonah and they already know who I'm talking about and I know their families and what they're passionate about. It's comforting. The more I travel, the more I learn, the more I work for this massive yet tight-knit company, the smaller the world feels and the more I realize yet again how alike we all really are. And that is a beautiful thing.

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