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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beautiful, Beautiful

Tonight as I was putting Jackson to bed, I was rocking and cuddling him and I noticed that he now has to wrap his legs slightly around my body to get comfortable because they are getting too long to lay straight. At that moment I realized how big he is getting. My baby will be 6 months old in just a couple of weeks. 6 months! I can't explain nor do I expect anyone to understand how much each minute I share with him means to me, let alone each month. 

As we sat there in his dimly lit nursery continuing to rock he placed his chubby little hand on my face and laid it against my cheek. He started doing this about a week ago each night. Once he places it there he lets his eyes shut, feeling comforted that I will be there while he sleeps. My heart melts every time. Again, I was reminded of how big he's getting. 

He now starts to cry when I leave him the mornings at Nanna's house. Not for long, but just enough to let me know that he knows that I'm about to leave him for work. I didn't think that would happen until he was much older. My baby is growing up. 

The little newborn that just yesterday it seems I had to take all of his clothes off at each feeding to keep him awake ate almost an entire banana tonight at dinner. A banana! Babies don't eat bananas. The fragile little bundle who I used to give sponge baths to because he was too tiny for 'real' baths no longer fits comfortably in the baby bath tub. 

The most adorable baby boy who used to only sleep if I held him now refuses to wake up in the mornings when it's time. It takes me a full ten minutes to get him to pry open those most precious baby blues. I have a feeling I will be prying those baby blues open still fifteen years from now when my then teenager will want to sleep the day away. 

My once very quiet little man now talks, a lot, and quite loudly all the time. In the mornings on our way to Nanna's house he talks the entire way from the backseat. I imagine that he's telling me about his dreams, about what he's going to do all day, about how much he loves me and will miss me while I'm gone. I tell him that I love him too, more than he will ever understand and I will miss him too, but I'll always come home to him, my beautiful, beautiful baby boy. Always. 

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