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Friday, July 23, 2010

More {design} Ideas

It is Friday night. Jackson is in bed. Dan is having some wine by the pond with a few friends. I have already cleaned the house, made gluten-free granola bars and read through my favorite blogs. So, now I'm searching for more design ideas for our home renovation! What a wonderful, relaxing night!
LOVE claw-foot tubs. 

Again, the claw-foot tub.. would really like one in our new master bath. 

Dan wants to put a gate at the end of our driveway eventually for security purposes. I really like this one- the brick would match the new brick that we'll be putting on our house and we could etch "Cottage Hill" into one of the columns. Oh, and the dog is adorable too, but we already have enough of those :)

I really like outdoor spaces that feel cozy enough to be indoors. I chose this one for the ceiling fan and the fireplace. The rest of the elements are really not my style (i.e. the ducks  on the mantle and the wicker)

I chose this one for the built in book-case. Dan and I are both obsessed with books. I want bookshelves built all throughout the house. 

Really love the neutral colors, the chandelier, the photo collage...

Cute outdoor area!

I like all the natural colors and natural light... the furniture is a little too formal for my taste, but still like the overall idea. 

I saved this one for the large flower boxes. I feel like I could make those... maybe? Or maybe Dan could do that for me!

Love this outdoor space. Love the long table and the arched window. Love, love, love. 

This is a photo that Dan found this week and put into our "design file"- he wants to mimic these arches/columns/brick/concrete somehow on our new patio that will be along the backside of the house. Notice also the concrete frames that surround all of the windows, he also wants to do that throughout the house. Good luck with that, babe!

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