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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

{Design Inspiration}

As I mentioned on Inspire Me Engel a few weeks ago, Dan and I are in the midst of planning our long-awaited home-addition/renovation. We have been collecting photos for awhile of designs that we want to replicate pieces of- here are a few more that I have found recently:
This is how our new staircase will look including the placement of the coat closet and I love the bench!

I love the color of these stairs more though- the wood is darker. 

The ceilings in this room are very similar to how the ceilings will look in the new great room we are adding on. LOVE the detailed piece above the windows and the chandeliers!

Our new dining area will also be surrounded by windows- I love how it lets all of the natural light just pour in. 

Really love this table and its giant wooden legs. Not sure those wine glasses would stay put with little hands all over the place...

Again, dining area with a lot windows and light

Wouldn't these make the cutest little beds for the kids' rooms? Love! Our ceilings upstairs are similar to this as well. Very cozy. 

Loving the headboard- nice detailing and just seems antiqued. 

This one is a little random compared to the others, but I have been looking for lanterns like this ever since I came across this photo almost a year ago. I want to replicate this on the tree by our pond- it has the most perfect branches for it. Does anyone know where I can find some that are not expensive? 

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