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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wild & Crazy Friday Nights

I think you can tell a lot about someone's life by how they spend their Friday nights. I would even go as far as to say that how you choose to spend your night correlates pretty closely with your priorities.

The things you do on a Friday night evolves throughout your lifetime.  For example, in college, I could paint a very clear picture of what my Friday nights looked like and what Dan's looked like. Not always the same picture, which is why I always say that I hope our children take after me during our college years. Don't get me wrong, our nights sometimes did look the same and those are the nights that I literally don't remember. 

After graduating, our Friday nights started to look very different as we had full-time careers and our relationship became more serious. Again, they changed once we purchased our home and got married. And now that we have Jackson they have changed yet again. 

Here is our Friday night last night. There is not one element of what I'm about to show you that I would have included if I were telling you how we spent our Friday nights just a few years ago at Purdue... and I wouldn't change that for the world!
After I finished working, JP and I headed up to play on his swing. 

 Meanwhile, if you look closely you can see that Dan was climbing onto our roof (upper right hand corner). We had an architect come this week to look at our house for our upcoming renovations. She came back last night and took measurements of all angles of our home so that she can model our house and we can have our plans made official. So, Dan was on the roof helping her...

 JP got bored with the swing so we played with toys on the dock since it was so nice out.

 This too didn't last long since he got hot pretty quickly.

 Apparently Bing too was hot so he jumped in and took a little swim.

 Later Dan brought into the house his newest masterpiece. He made this plant pot. It is huge. But, I thought he did a pretty good job! The best part about this pot is that the wood was made from trees that were cut down from his mom and dad's house. 

 The newest JP development is that he is now mobile. He is army crawling! This is believed to be his motivation- getting to Sammy so he can pull the poor guy's hair. 

 Don't let this innocent face fool you.

 Yep, after poor Sammy again. Sammy is not a fan of JP's new-found freedom.

 We find this little guy everywhere now. This time he was under the dining room table. 

 Look what arrived! My sewing machine! It came earlier this week but I didn't have time until last night to play with it. Luckily, Nancy (my mother-in-law) stopped by when I was reading through the manual so she showed me how to thread it and get started. 

My first sewing product- a t-shirt for JP! He looks thrilled- 'thank you, mama' he is saying. 

Then he realized it didn't even fit over his head. Sorry, love, Mama is a VERY beginner at this...

No problem, he can still chew on it which is just as much fun.

My second creation made him depressed, frankly. I was just practicing my stiching and made this little "hat" out of an old t-shirt sleeve... my normally-very-happy-baby immediately looked very sad when I placed it on his head. This is what I will call a sewing failure.

Dad to the rescue. Dan sort of thinks he is a sewing expert even though he has as much experience as I do. So, it was his turn to play. I'll admit, I think he's going to be better at this than me. He has natural sewing genes from his Mom and Grandma Sue. Those are genes that just don't exist in my blood line. 

Now we're off to an even crazier Saturday afternoon. Trips to the library and fabric store are ahead of us as soon as the little man wakes up from his nap... 

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