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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the ever-growing folder

I have this folder on my favorites bar called "projects" - when the Martha-Stewart-wanna-be in me comes across something online I pin it to this folder with the honest intention of getting around to actually doing it. The folder must contain nearly 100 ideas and I have yet to complete even one of them, but here is to good intentions!

While my love of all things creative and made with from the heart has momentarily been halted by my overly-ambitious attempt to fit too many things into the day, I do have hope that there are many of you who actually do have natural talent that will allow you to tackle these projects head on, so I thought I might as well post the links to a few of these saved ideas. 

And if you do choose to take any of these on please do let me know so I can bask in your glory and maybe get some tips. Some MUCH needed tips!

Chalkboard pillows ... I love the idea of writing Jackson little love notes for bed time!
These custom dresser knobs are such a simple way of adding personalization to a room.
Lovely little way to incorporate learning how to tell time into decor- clock pillows
Activity table.. this one should end up on Dan's to-do list! (or if he's reading this, BIG hint!)
I love coffee, I love coffee mugs, I love all things personalized!
I had every intention on making some of these nap mats for Christmas gifts
I think I could handle this little hopscotch mat!
Simple, but adorable little burp cloths
A must-make whenever I have a girl
Flower belt... love!
Fence headboard- LOVE & want to replicate with old barn wood from our family farm
How fun! Could be for valentine's, invites, cards- Scratch-offs
Love the endless ideas that come to mind with these t-shirts

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