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Thursday, January 20, 2011

first taste of snow

Today reminded me a lot of the week Jackson was born- full of nothing but snow. I decided to work from home because of my long commute and ended up taking the afternoon off so that I could bring Jackson home with me and avoid being on the roads too much with him. This may have been a result of me being a total wimp, an overprotective mom or just fulfilling the need to spend more time with him. Either way, it presented a perfect little opportunity for his first taste of snow. Not wanting to venture out into the cold where the snow was still coming down pretty hard, we decided to bring it inside to us...


  1. Jessica, thanks so much for sharing these pictures! Looks like Jackson didn't know what to think of that cold white stuff - can't say I blame him!

  2. That is how we like to enjoy the snow as well. Warm and toasty inside!

  3. Love it! Great pictures - you think my 4 year olds will go for that tomorrow, rather than going OUT in the snow?!?


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