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Saturday, January 29, 2011

saturday fun

What a perfect little Saturday... JP and I started out by meeting up with Jordan, Natalie and Megan for lunch. It was so great to catch up while Natalie while she is in town from Panama and the food was delicious- we went to a sweet little place called Annabelle's, although I would warn that it is not the most baby-friendly place. After testing Jackson's patience he finally got stir-crazy after about an hour and a half in his high chair- not bad for an (almost!) one year old. 

JP reading books to Jordan, Jordan in turn giving him his favorite.. treats!

Natalie and Jackson

After lunch JP, Jordan and I headed to the most adorable little children's boutique, The Spotted Goose, and book store, The Blue Manatee, to let Jackson run off some energy. 

The sweet little play area in the boutique 

A little photo break in the dressing room- Jordan loved the orange walls!

After shopping for a few minutes we went to the bookstore next door. It was ADORABLE! I can't wait to bring him back and hopefully catch a story time. 

JP climbing into the reading tree

Reading books with Jordan

Book-shopping with Jordan!

Climbing through the book train

After picking up a few new books we said goodbye to Jordan, thanked her for introducing us to the cutest little bookstore and headed to our next little date of the day. Luckily, the ride to our play date with Jessie and Canaan was just long enough to allow Jackson to take a little nap and re-energize so that he and his little buddy could get some playtime in!

JP pushing Canaan around in his car

They were so cute together, following each other around playing...

Coming, buddy?

After playing we came home and Dan made us all dinner. JP is now tucked in tight, already dreaming, giving Dan and I some quality time together. All in all, a perfect little Saturday!

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  1. I had so much fun with JP and mama!


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