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Friday, January 7, 2011

a new NEW year

I love the New Year. I love the clean slate that comes along with the turning of the calendar- the clean slate that is just waiting for us to pour onto it new dreams, goals and wishes. Just waiting to be painted with LIFE. 

With saying that, I'll say that I did not love this new year. It started off really rough. This first week has included the passing of my Grandma followed by Jackson getting sick which meant a lot of sleepless nights and the return to work post-holidays amidst all the chaos. 

Therefore, I have made the decision to reschedule the new year. So, 2011 kicks off for my little world tomorrow! Time for a fresh (re)start, time to (re)set the tone of this next year. 

My daily devotional contained the following paragraph that I fell in love with- very fitting for the new year!

"...God has put more in you than you can even imagine. You have gifts and talents that nobody else has. God has planted seeds of greatness in you. Why don't you quit looking at what you can't do and start looking at what God can do? It's not where you are that matters; it's where God can take you."

A lovely little thought for a lovely new NEW year. 

And... I wanted to THANK Sarah from Sweet November for re-designing my blog header. I love it! She did such a wonderful job. Thank you, Sarah! Go here to check out Sarah's work. 


  1. LOVE the blog design - it's so cute!! I thought you might be interested in this too... if you ever want to turn off the Blogger header at the very top, you just need to go into the code of your blog ("Edit HTML") and after the <-head-> tag paste this:

    /* HIDE NAV BAR: ------------------------------------- */
    #navbar-iframe {
    height: 0px;
    visibility: hidden;
    display: none;

  2. @Jessie: Thanks!!! I'm going to try that right now :)

    @Jess: Thanks!! The lady who did it for me was very affordable if you're interested for your blog.


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