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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ONEder Fund

I totally saw this coming. The snow-covered roads, the cars struggling to make it up the hill in front of our home, the school closings... I saw it all coming and prepared yesterday to work from home today- and I am so glad I did. Jackson is at mamaw's, the puppies are already napping (what a life!) and I am preparing for some morning conference calls with lots of hot coffee. I am hoping to finish a little early today so I can go and pick up my little man before there is too much snow on the road for the 5 minute drive over. 

Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you something that really touched me. I have mentioned Kelle Hampton's blog before- she is amazingly inspirational and shares a lot of the same views on life as I do. Well, her youngest, Nella, is just a couple of weeks older than Jackson. And as her first birthday is quickly approaching Kelle has set up a fund to raise money for a cause near and dear to her heart- The National Down Syndrome Society. You can read all about it here and more importantly if you feel compelled to do so in your own heart, you can donate here

There are many reasons why I blog. Mainly because I love it, but when a blog such as Kelle's has the power to do something so good, something so selfless for the benefit of others... well, how could you deny the beauty of something like that? 

Back to work for me, but if you're watching the snow pour down outside your windows like I am I pray that you stay safe and warm today!


  1. Be careful driving out there - the roads are super slick!

  2. Christy: Thanks! I just went out to pick up Jackson and the roads were much better than this morning, but our hilly, snowy driveway is a mess! At least it is BEAUTIFUL outside :)!


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