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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy NEW Year! As I mentioned here yesterday, I have re-kicked off my new year beginning today! So, it's only appropriate that I review my goals from last year before setting my sights high for 2011...

Half-way through 2010 I renewed my goals here: 2nd Half of 2010 Goals. Here are those goals along with my personal (and slightly subjective) recap of how I did:

1. Sign up for & run a race: COMPLETE! I ran a 5K with my colleagues in October. It was not pretty, but that's okay.  

2. Find a regular volunteering opportunity at church: Incomplete. I'll need to put this one on my 2011 list. Work + baby + everything else meant not enough time over the past few months. 

3. Establish a monthly date day/night with Dan: Semi-complete.
We managed to squeeze a few dates in, but not on a monthly basis; more like on an every other monthly basis. Luckily for Christmas we received a couple of date nights (a cooking class and a gift certificate to our favorite winery!). 

4. Save X amount of $ for our home addition: COMPLETE!
We are right on track for our financial goals. 

5. Finish our home addition plans and begin construction: Semi-Complete. 
The home plans are 95% finished, but because it took a lot longer for the architect to finish them we had to push construction back until spring. 

6. Create and finish our will- Incomplete.
Totally my fault with no good excuse. I just haven't taken the time to go get it notarized. 

7. Update our family master plan: Complete!

8. Simplify all aspects of our life: Semi-Complete. We made a lot of great progress in this area, but I think this is an ongoing goal that will need to continue into 2011. Some of the improvements made this year were getting rid of cable TV, wireless internet (so that we don't end up sitting on our laptops around the house), giving away a LOT of kitchen appliances and tools that we rarely if ever used, cleaning and organizing the basement (still some to be done there), etc. 

More to come later on 2011 goals. For now JP and I are off to the grocery store. It is one of his favorite places to go because he gets so much attention. That little flirt. He totally eats up all the attention and ignores me the entire time we are shopping...

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