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Monday, July 7, 2014

jonah daniel: FIVE months!

Jonah Bear is 5 months. That is an entire hand-full of months. And he is a hand-full of chubby baby sweetness. We are to the age of LOTS of giggles and smiles and rolling everywhere like a mad man. He took his first taste of sweet potatoes today and seemed pretty impressed with mama's cooking skills- more so than the elder Engel boy who shall remain nameless. There's just something about you, Jonah Bear, something so sweet and precious and, well, just priceless. I'm certain that in the midst of all your baby babbling you are saying "Mama, quit squeezing me so hard..." because I do, I squeeze you hard and give you a lifetime of kisses every day because I just can't get enough of my Jonah. 

Jackson at 5 months HERE.
Audrey at 5 months HERE.

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