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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

::Video Catch-Up::

When cleaning off my phone yesterday I came across a few random videos from the past month or so...

This was from yesterday. Jackson and Audrey played "Doctor" ALL day. They had their "doctor coats" on and brought every stuffed animal and baby doll into their hospital set up in the great room to work on the sick patients. When Jonah woke up from one of his naps I set him in the jump-a-roo while I did some dishes and I overheard them starting to tend to their newest patient... Jonah Bear. I snuck behind the corner and taped them.... poor Jonah!

This is pretty much the normal scene around our house. Jackson and Audrey giving Jonah their endless- ENDLESS, I tell you- attention. 

This was from one of our hill-running nights. We decided to set up an obstacle course to run through. Gotta wear those babies out! Jackson was ALL about it (shocker...) and Audrey loved doing it too as long as she had ample water and rest breaks- a peanut, after all, does need her rest!

Just a random little clip from having dinner one night with the cousins at Mamaw's house. I try to remember to do this every once in awhile so we can look back on their little voices and adorable conversations.

Jackson getting a hit during a cousin baseball game.

Cousin baseball. Cracks me up. It was pure chaos- and they loved it. 

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