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Monday, July 21, 2014

oh, monday... last sweet monday of maternity leave.

This title reflects this week's theme: drown in the sorrows that are the end of my maternity leave. I have a to-do list about a mile long of things I want to get finished this week. Today we took care of a few, including:

1. Taking some toys and supplies to Nanna's house. And by "some" I mean about half of our house. 3 babies come with a lot of gear :) 

2. We made a trip to the pediatrician this afternoon to get a shot for both Jackson and Audrey. Since we do an alternative vaccination schedule (i.e. just one shot at a time), we try to go every few months and so I wanted to get one more visit in before my work schedule got hectic. They were so brave- up until the nurses came in with shots in hand. Then, it took 2 nurses helping me to get Jackson up on the table and held down. He quickly recovered when I reminded him that we were getting shakes after his appointment. Audrey is usually the brave one. This time, not so much. She screamed LOUDLY while they gave her the shot and then was apparently a little bitter because she yelled alllll the way out the building, "that Doctor CUT me, she CUT me so bad, it huuuuuurts." Fun times. 

3. As I write this, Jonah is sleeping in his own room for the very first time! Dan has been installing a barn door on his room (almost finished), he raised the baby bed and installed the video monitor on the wall. I'm hoping we can fully kick our cute little roomate out of his bassinet in our room in the next few days so he's comfortable and set up in his own room before I go back to work.

And a little life lately from the past few days...

Jonah bear does NOT like bath time. At all. As soon as I carry him into the bathroom he starts wailing. I have no idea why this is so adorable, but it is. 

Jackson enjoying a cupcake at our sweet friend Lainey's welcome home/birthday party. 

Daddy, Peanut time. Doing her favorite thing: reading books. I hear countless times every day, "Mommy, I'm going to go get a book for YOU and for ME." :)

It's baby-food-makin' season! I'm hoping the peaches will be ready this weekend at the local orchard... Jonah has no idea what he's been missing out on.

Lots of random baby fun, including a nature scavenger hunt outside. That ended abruptly when we ran into a snake in the middle of one of our trails. That's a liiiiitle too much nature for this mom.

Dan and I started teaching again in the "runner's room" at church. We had taken time off while Jonah was so young, but now he goes to the nursery and we take care of all the 1.5-3 year olds during one of the services. They love Mr. Dan and all the crazy games he comes up with. 

I hear someone waking up from his mini nap... 

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