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Monday, July 14, 2014

life lately. ((phone dump))

I'm working on being less 'connected' (a la getting rid of facebook for awhile)... and leaving my phone off or put away on purpose, but one plus of having it with me is capturing some of our 'every day' moments. The moments that aren't anything special on the surface and the photos themselves are usually blurry and not perfect at all, but that's our life. Our crazy, messy, imperfect beautiful life. Life lately has included...

-LOTS of ice cream runs. I'm pretty sure Jackson & Audrey think "ice cream" is summer's 4th meal of the day. 

-Late night hair cuts by Daddy.

-Lots of grocery trips. There are weeks where I feel like I have lucked out and spend very little time in the grocery store and then other weeks where we seem to make multiple trips. 

-Playing in the water and riding bikes... sweet, sweet summer.

-Jonah Bear is LOVING baby food. So far he has had sweet potatoes and bananas. And tonight I plan to make him a batch of either squash or peas... depending on what's ripe at the farm stand Dan is going to stop at. (Don't you just want to squeeeeeze those cheeks!?)

-Family dinners. A cook-out at our house and then lunch out yesterday for Mamaw's birthday. Gotta love a table-full of babies. 

-Soaking up as MUCH baby time as possible since I go back to work 2 weeks from today (holy anxiety attack).
...when I get home from running Jackson loves to go and do hill runs in the backyard with me. This is my work-out buddy with his hair band on like I wear when I run :). 
...reading books with Jonah Bear. Honestly, how am I going to leave him for the office every day?
...Date night with Audrey. Love my peanut time.

-This child. She is going to give me a lot of gray hairs over the years. For the second time in a few months she busted her lip badly. This time from running in the house which is a big "no no" around here. It's hard to see in these pictures, but trust me, it's preeeetty gross. 

-Late evening runs. I'm thankful for this time of the year when I can go running late and still do it outside with the sun setting past 9:00. This allows me to still have the whole evening with Dan and the babies, have Jonah either in bed or ready for bed and then get out to run. Bonus? It's usually MUCH cooler by then. 

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