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Monday, June 9, 2014

big, BIG day.

Today was a big day of firsts for Jackson...

1. This morning we went to see his new school and meet his new teacher, Mrs. Mansfield. She was everything I had hoped for and won Jackson over right away. He will be starting school there in late August and we couldn't be more excited for him. She stresses individualized learning based on each child's level, her curriculum is well-rounded with a lot of enrichment built in and it's all built on a Christian foundation. Jackson will go to her school for this last year of preschool and then for kindergarten as well. 

2. I signed Jackson and Audrey up for their first summer reading program at the library and so we went today to re-stock our book pile and decided it was time for Jackson to get his very own library card. He was pumped and so very proud. 

3. And lastly, tonight was his very first night at Vacation Bible School! Now that he's a big bad four year old he is old enough for VBS at our church. I will get some photos later in the week but trust me when I say our church does VBS BIG time. He was actually a little overwhelmed when I dropped him off because there was just so much going on, but his teacher held him when I left to make him feel better and when I picked him up he was, lets just say a tad bit hyper and excited and talked for the entire way home about how "awesome" VBS is. 

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