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Sunday, June 22, 2014

introducing the babies to "Barb & Grandpas"...

There was a time somewhere tucked into my childhood when "B&G" stood for Barb & Grandpa. A time when my Grandma & Grandpa owned the B&G Dairy Bar... an ice cream spot in a nearby town. I have a lot of memories tucked away inside that little building that hasn't changed very much in all the years that have passed. Memories of learning to make the perfect ice cream cones, eating hot fudge straight from the pot, getting off the school bus to find that the waitress "Mickey" had made us a giant plate of french fries for our after-school snack (that lasted for about a week... and then Grandma insisted on salads instead), memories of watching TV from the recliner in the back room because I was too little and probably in the way, doing homework in the dining room and getting paid a whole $3 for a full day's work... Grandma Roy would have loved to see these two little monsters diving into their ice cream last night.  

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