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Thursday, June 26, 2014

splash pads should really come with a warning label.

In today's attempt at checking another item off our Summer Bucket List, we hit up the splash pad. 3 hours, a lot of splashing and one picnic later, I have decided that splash pads should come with a warning label- "Warning: splash pads are known to cause mothers to drink." In normal circumstances I think it would have been fine, but today there happened to be at least three large groups taking field trips there, which meant utter chaos and children running everywhere, making it hard to keep my eye on all three babies at once. 

But, just as I was strategizing in my head how to talk Jackson and Audrey into wanting to leave much earlier than planned, the nicest people came to my rescue- a girl scout troop. I cannot make this stuff up. We were sitting in the hot sun on our blanket having a picnic and I was attempting to feed a very hot, tired and hungry Jonah bear when a woman walked over and told me that one of the large groups- a girl scout troop- was getting ready to leave and asked if she could help take my things to their spot (in the shade!) so that I wouldn't have to stay out in the sun with my baby. I started to protest, not wanting to inconvenience her, but she explained that she's a military spouse and this is just what they are trained to do- to help each other out because they're often on their own when stationed away from home. Next thing I knew, several girl scouts came over, picked up all our things- blankets, socks, shoes, diaper bag, picnic bag, stroller- and moved them into the shade for us to continue our picnic.

What nice girls learning from a nice woman who happened to be a stranger but left with one more friend- an appreciative mom who was reminded once again that there is far more good than bad in this world. Moms helping moms, gotta love it.

Oh, and PS, thanks to our shaded spot, Jonah was much more comfortable and passed out in a matter of seconds- so sweet (and peaceful!).

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