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Monday, June 16, 2014

father's day 2014.

While walking into church yesterday morning I somehow snapped this quick photo while juggling holding Audrey's hand, carrying the diaper bag and my coffee cup. It was Father's Day and in that moment I felt like this summed up so much of how I feel about "Dan the dad." In one hand you'll notice he's carrying a coffee cup too- coffee that he had made for both of us, realizing that I needed it after being up a few times throughout the night with Jonah... just as I have been every single night since he was born over four months ago. He's also leading both of his boys into church- just as he does every.single.Sunday (unless someone is sick). What you won't know from this picture is that he also dressed both of them- note: I resisted the temptation to change Jackson out of those high-waters :). But, he does that too, dresses his babies and feeds them and loves them endlessly. What I especially love about this photo, though, is what Jackson is doing.... mimicking his Daddy. As you can see, he is helping to carry in his baby brother while carrying our family Bible. Or as he calls it, "the best book in the world." These things cannot be taught, they must be caught and our babies catch an awful lot from their daddy. 

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