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Sunday, June 8, 2014

girls day. (no boys allowed!)

The past couple of nights have been rough- the peanut has been running a pretty high fever, but true to Audrey's style, she acts as if nothing is wrong and even tells me "I am NOT sick!" but she is and so I've been sleeping with her and checking on her countless times through the night. Today I thought she was better so we had a girls' day with Nanna, but as soon as we got back home the fever returned and she passed out in her bed. 

We did, however, have fun while we could: brunch at The Rookwood in Mt. Adams then to the Museum Center to tour the Princess Diana Exhibit. This is the exhibit's last stop on a global tour before all of Princess Diana's things will be given back to Princes William and Henry for private storage. 

Audrey LOVED seeing all of her gowns and jewels and exclaimed "this is my favorite dress! Wow, it is so beautiful" about a dozen times. My sweet Audrey has a love for all that is sparkly and fancy and is slowly falling in love with princesses. I so loved sharing with her about Princess Di and talked to her about how the most beautiful girls (and princesses) are only as beautiful as they are nice. I hope I can teach this to her many times over... and just as importantly, I hope she realizes this for herself.

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